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SyrieLe terrorisme anti-syrien et ses connexions internationales
Bahar Kimyongur

Depuis le début du printemps syrien, le gouvernement de Damas prétend combattre des gangs terroristes. La plupart des médias occidentaux dénoncent, dans cette thèse, une propagande d’Etat servant à justifier sa répression contre le mouvement de contestation. S’il est évident que celle-ci tombe comme du pain béni pour l’Etat baassiste de réputation peu accueillante envers les mouvements d’opposition qui échappent à son contrôle, elle n’en est pas fausse pour autant. Plusieurs éléments objectifs accréditent en effet la thèse du gouvernement syrien.

D’abord, il y a le facteur laïcité.

La Syrie est en l’occurrence le dernier Etat arabe laïc. (1) Les minorités religieuses y jouissent des mêmes droits que la majorité musulmane. Pour certaines sectes sunnites championnes de la guerre contre l’Autre quel qu’il soit, la laïcité arabe et l’égalité inter-religieuse, incompatibles avec la charia, sont une injure à l’islam et rendent l’Etat syrien plus détestable qu’une Europe « athée » ou « chrétienne ». Or, la Syrie compte pas moins de dix églises chrétiennes différentes, avec des sunnites qui sont arabes, kurdes, tcherkesses ou turkmènes, avec des chrétiens non arabes comme les Arméniens, les Assyriens ou les Levantins, avec des musulmans syncrétiques et donc inclassables comme les alaouites et les druzes.

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Diplomatic Briefing

Syrian ambassador to the United Nations, Bashar Ja’afari, has filed a legal complaint against American and French officials that have illegally intruded into the country to visit militant-held towns. Ja’afari lodged the protest at the headquarters of the world body in New York against the entry of several US and European officials into the country without obtaining a visa. He further called on the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and the Security Council to pressure member states to take appropriate measures in this regard. The development came following illegal separate visits to the Syrian territory by Republican US Senator John McCain, former French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner and American diplomat Peter Galbraith. Moreover, the Syrian envoy described the visits as blatant violations of the country’s sovereignty. McCain slipped into Syria in May 2013 to meet with foreign-sponsored militants that were fighting to overthrow the Syrian government of President Bashar Al-Assad. Galbraith…

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– Syrian, Iranian FMs stress continued efforts in support of Syria, say Israeli aggression aimed at raising terrorists’ morale
– Speaker al-Laham: Israeli aggression exposed Israel’s partnership with terrorists
– Israel begins looting Lebanese gas
– DeirEzzour & Aleppo: Syrian Arab Army foils infiltration attempts kills scores of terrorists
– Iraq: Iraqi forces repel ISIS attacks in al-Ramadi





– Al-Moallem: President Putin affirmed determination to cooperate with Syria, defeat terrorism
– Army eliminates terrorists in Homs & DeirEzzour
– Occupied Jerusalem: Fifteen Palestinians arrested by Israeli soldiers
– Iraqi army continues operations in Anbar to expel ISIL terrorists
– Fergusson: More riots spread across states to protest police shooting of black teenager


– Premier Al-Halaqi: Syrian government desires to activate ties with Belarus; Belarus firms called upon to start projects in Syria
– Several armed men were killed or wounded, their equipment destroyed in Daraa, Homs & Qunaitra countryside
– Occupied Palestine: Israeli occupation approves construction of 278 new settlements
– Iraq: Troops kill more than 49 terrorists affiliated with ISIL IS
– Lebanon: Lebanese Army arrests 5 gunmen in Bhanin
– Libya: Army takes control of camps & military positions in Benghazi city
– NewZealand: Prime minister speaks of 40 terrorists joining ISIL
– « For Syria’s Children » Workshop of children’s drawings & handicrafts, including a Book exhibition


Global News

MURSITPINAR, Turkey – Iraqi peshmerga fighters prepared Saturday to battle Islamic State group militants in the Syrian border town of Kobani, just hours after they arrived in a town that’s become a focal point in the battle against the extremists.

The force brought in badly needed heavy weapons including artillery, heavy machine-guns and anti-tank missiles, material that could tip the balance of power in favour of the embattled Kurds fighting there.

The deployment came as Syria’s al-Qaida-linked Nusra Front scored a major victory against a moderate rebel faction, capturing their headquarters as well as the mountainous strategic region of Jabal al-Zawiya in the northwestern province of Idlib. Jabal al-Zawiya was one of the first areas to fall out of President Bashar Assad’s control after the uprising against his government began in March 2011.

READ MORE: Kurdish fighters arrive in Turkey en route to fight Islamic State militants

The push in…

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More Inherent Resolve Airstrikes Target ISIL in Syria, Iraq; Vinson continues to attack (video)

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– Ein Al-Arab: Inhabitants & Popular Defense units confront ISIS & push it back out of several areas
– Syrian Army advances in Jobar, Terrorists killed or wounded in Damascus suburbs, Deraa, Homs, Idleb and Quneitra
– Iran, Zarif: It is not right to combat ISIS terrorist organization in Iraq and simultaneously strengthen it in Syria
– Iraq: Military plan in place to restore security to areas under ISIL control


– Media source: Denial of government’s support to Syrian Kurds does not change the fact nor the government’s attitude
– Army targets terrorists’ gatherings in several areas, destroys their weapons and vehicles
– Lebanon: Two killed in Tripoli, army maintains control
– UN Security council condemns terrorist attacks in Sinai
– The third British terrorist, who had joined ISIS in Syria, was killed in Ein al-Arab Kobane
– Iraq: Army Forces foil attack by ISIS terrorists North Ba’quba


– Damascus Countryside: Syrian Arab Army continues to advance in Jobar, recovering buildings, eliminating terrorists
– Terrorists, particularly ISIS gunmen killed or wounded in Homs, Dera’a, Quneitra, DeirEzzour, Idleb & Aleppo
– Frankfurter Allgemeine Newspaper: A terrorist from German state of Hissen was recently killed in Syria
– Canada, Parliament Gunman, Government pledge to redouble anti-terror efforts after
– Iraq: Iraqi army storms Beiji province inflecting heavy losses on ISIS terrorists
– Occupied Jerusalem: Israeli soldiers assassinate Palestinian teenager


– Al-Jaafari: Time has come for the UN to punish the terrorist coalition that seeks to destroy Syria
– Information Minister: Ayn al-Arab (Kobane) is part of Syria’s territory and the state performs its role towards all areas
– Al-Moallem: Syria keen on being treated as member of Chemical Weapons Convention without discrimination or politicization
– Terrorists suffer heavy losses in personnel and equipment in Quneitra and Daraa
– Military source: Army units destroy terrorists’ dens and vehicles in
al-Rastan, Jazal and Mas’ada in the countryside of the central province of Homs
– More wounded terrorists treated at Israeli occupation hospitals
– Iran: Shekhani & Abadi emphasize cooperation to fight terrorism
– Iraq: UN Assistant Secretary General condemns crimes against Azidis
– Iraq: Army continues operations against ISIL, killing many terrorists
– Churkin: Reports on ISIS having US. weapons show need of coordination with Syrian government


Lavrov warns against repeating the Iraqi & Libyan scenarios in Syria

– A den for Jabhat al-Nusra destroyed, infiltrating terrorists killed in Idleb and Daraa
– New polio vaccination campaign targets 3 million children
– Turkey: Demonstrations against Erdogan’s policies in different Turkish universities
– Telegraph: Kosovo Lady receiving about her child taken to Syria by Jihadi dad
– Demonstrations is Saudi cities against death sentence for Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr
– Russia: Security forces eliminated Master Mind of terrorist blast in Chechen Capital




Foreign Ministry: Syria rejects creation of buffer zones in its territories, will take measures to preserve its sovereignty
– Medvedev: Syria’s government is sole bearer of Syrian people’s sovereignty
– Lavrov: Russia & the U.S can effectively cooperate in combating terrorism
– MP Waris al-Younes and another civilian killed in terrorist attack in Hama
– Russia: Arrest of one terrorist involved in recruiting terrorists to fight in Iraq & Syria
– Iraq: Army arrests 15 most dangerous ISIL terrorists
– Egypt: Bomb blast injures 12 people in Cairo


– 18 civilians, mostly #children, #killed, over 40 others injured in two terrorist #bombings in Homs
– #Syrian Arab #Army units #eliminate terrorists in several areas, in #Lattakia, Hama, #Homs, #Idleb & #Daraa
– #Lavrov: #Countering #terrorism should be carried out via collective effort that includes #Syria, #Iraq, #Iran
– #Washington: #Strategy of #US #attacks on ISIL terrorist group in Syria & Iraq may #fail
– #France: #LePen: #Qatar, #SaudiArabia & Turkey are supporting terrorists in Syria & Iraq
– #Ankara: An increase in #ISIL cells operating inside #Turkey, with full knowledge of Turkish government, thousands of residents denounce #Turkish government for #supporting #ISIS terrorists in Syria
– #Iraq: Iraqi troops regain control of several areas in Tikrit and #Anbar