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French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle launches first strikes against ISIS

Credit: Wikimedia Commons - French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle

The French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle has launched operations against the Islamic State terrorist group in Iraq. Carrying 12 Rafale and nine Super Etendard fighters, the carrier will spend eight weeks in the Gulf working alongside the USS Carl Vinson, significantly increasing France’s regional air capabilities.

Ready: France's Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier (pictured) has started military operations against the IslamicState in Iraq, a French army source said today

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Below, flight ops aboard the de Gaulle – courtesy of Forces Francaises:




OK, Fine.

TYT video.

The Senate Intelligence Committee torture report contains evidence of many brutalities.

According to the New York Times, the report released by the Senate Intelligence Committee on Tuesday found that the Central Intelligence Agency’s methods were more brutal than the C.I.A. acknowledged either to Bush administration officials or to the public.

Should those who were in power be prosecuted?

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More Inherent Resolve Airstrikes Target ISIL in Syria, Iraq; Vinson continues to attack (video)

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plus :


– 18 civilians, mostly #children, #killed, over 40 others injured in two terrorist #bombings in Homs
– #Syrian Arab #Army units #eliminate terrorists in several areas, in #Lattakia, Hama, #Homs, #Idleb & #Daraa
– #Lavrov: #Countering #terrorism should be carried out via collective effort that includes #Syria, #Iraq, #Iran
– #Washington: #Strategy of #US #attacks on ISIL terrorist group in Syria & Iraq may #fail
– #France: #LePen: #Qatar, #SaudiArabia & Turkey are supporting terrorists in Syria & Iraq
– #Ankara: An increase in #ISIL cells operating inside #Turkey, with full knowledge of Turkish government, thousands of residents denounce #Turkish government for #supporting #ISIS terrorists in Syria
– #Iraq: Iraqi troops regain control of several areas in Tikrit and #Anbar


– Foreign Ministry: Turkish government is continuing its misleading propaganda campaign against Syria
– Al-Jaafari: Israel wants occupied Golan to be without int’l monitoring…Qatari, Saudi and Turkish intelligence responsible for funding terrorism
– Syrian citizens express determination to defeat terrorism
– Many IS terrorists are killed or injured by the Syrian Arab Army in DeirEzzor, Aleppo and Daraa
– S.A.Army continues to advance in Jobar in Damascus suburbs, taking over new buildings & eliminating terrorists
– Baghdad: Iraqi foreign minister warns against terrorism of Islamic State which can transcend all boundaries
– Iraq: Scores of IS terrorists, including leaders, by Iraqi army in Anbar, Baghdad & Babel as airstrikes continue
– Iran: World countries should cooperate to help Syria & Iraq confront terrorism away from military intervention


– Iran : Some countries in the international coalition for countering terrorism, financially and military support terrorists in Syria and Iraq
– Syrian Arab Army expands the areas of its control in Jobar, tighten the siege on terrorists in Hama, Idleb, al-Qunaitra and Daraa
– Iraq: 150 terrorists are killed in Haditha, plan declared to clear al-Falluja of ISIS
– Obama to target ISIL everywhere, will not hesitate to strike it in Syria
– China: Combating terrorism must be part of a collective effort within the framework of international law


– Army continues operations against terrorists across country, inflicts heavy losses upon them
– Russia: Crisis in Syria can only be settled through inter-Syrian dialogue
– Damascus: Syrian Red Crescent Organization SRCO receives medical assistance from Chinese government
– Iraq: Iraqi army liberates areas near Tikrit, killing many ISIL terrorists
– Iraqi acting prime minister calls for cooperation in fighting Daesh
– Iran: Zareef warns of the extension of the terrorism phenomenon in the region


– President Bashar Al Assad issues decree on forming new government headed by al-Halqi
– Larijani… US attempts to exonerate itself from crimes in Syria, Palestine, Lebanon and Iraq doomed to failure
– Idleb: terrorist rocket attacks kill 4 children and woman
– Damascus and Daraa countrysides: Military operations targeting terrorists killing many
– Patriarch Yazigi: Syria steadfastness comes from the steadfastness of her leadership, people, army, and she remains source of light
– Reconciliation Minister: Circumstances in Aleppo pave the way for national reconciliation initiatives
– Palestinian child martyred in Israeli occupation shooting in al-Fawar refugee camp, West Bank
– Iraq: More than 200 ISIS terrorists killed



A quoi ça sert d’acheter des villas à Marbella ou à Saint-Tropez alors que la Palestine croule sous la misère ?

Ces dirigeants du Golfe n’ont d’arabe que la caractéristique, et ne sont musulmans que de nom.

Ce sont des imposteurs qui servent les extrémistes et les Etats-Unis…

Allain Jules

Barack Obama Barack Obama dans le Dakota du Nord

WASHINGTON – Face à l’avancée fulgurante des djihadistes, l’armée régulière irakienne s’est dite prête à mener une action d’envergure au nord de Bagdad. Alors même que l’Irak est asphyxiée par les terroristes -ces alliés américains qui ont trahi leur pays, Saddam Hussein aussi, voilà le résultat. Pire, les autorités actuelles, achetées par les Etats-Unis, faisaient partie du complot contre leur propre pays. Sans surprise, hier, le président Obama a déclaré qu’il envisage une nouvelle aide militaire pour aider les forces de sécurité débordés de l’Irak, mais, à une seule condition. Selon Obama il faut que le « gouvernement chiite de l’Irak » -voyez bien la précision de l’obédience religieuse-, s’engage à mener des réformes politiques importantes. 

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Allain Jules

CONFLIT Les rebelles jihadistes sunnites ont pris une nouvelle ville et avancent vers Bagdad dans une offensive fulgurante, obligeant le Conseil de sécurité à se réunir jeudi et Washington à envisager des frappes aériennes. Bien sûr, quand ils avancent en Syrie, c’est motus et bouche cousue. Washington va-t-il les poursuivre jusqu’en Syrie ? C’est moins sûr et pratiquement impossible.

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