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20141113_Kurdist-2Kurds battling Daesh terrorist in Kobani reportedly made advances in the south of the flashpoint Syrian town on the border with Turkey.

Top Kurdish officials told AFP their fighters were advancing street by street, voicing confidence that the ISIL would soon be ejected.

The Kurdish YPG recaptured streets and buildings in the south of Kobani, after a fierce battle against the Daesh-ISIL.

On Monday night, the US-led coalition hit ISIL positions in Kobani’s southeast.

Syria’s Kurds are being backed by Iraqi peshmerga fighters in their bid to reclaim the town from terrorists hands.

Syrian Kurdish chief Saleh Muslim said the YPG were advancing “street by street” and that they would “recapture the town in a very short time”. And the Kurds’ top field commander in Kobane, Narin Afrin, a 40-year-old woman, said by telephone: “We have been resisting for 56 days in very difficult conditions.”


Source: AFP News

SFP/patriot from local agencies ~ 13/11/2014
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– Ayn al-Arab (Kobane) locals continue to defend their city in face of the ISIS attacks
– 221 wanted persons from Damascus & countryside turn themselves in, legal files of other 84 gunmen settled in Homs
– Syrian Arab Army continues fighting terrorism across the country
– Lebanon: Terrorist attack led to the death of 4 Lebanese soldiers
– Jordan: Iraqi Premier Al-Abadi: Regional states involved in supporting ISIS


– Al-Jaafari: Time has come for the UN to punish the terrorist coalition that seeks to destroy Syria
– Information Minister: Ayn al-Arab (Kobane) is part of Syria’s territory and the state performs its role towards all areas
– Al-Moallem: Syria keen on being treated as member of Chemical Weapons Convention without discrimination or politicization
– Terrorists suffer heavy losses in personnel and equipment in Quneitra and Daraa
– Military source: Army units destroy terrorists’ dens and vehicles in
al-Rastan, Jazal and Mas’ada in the countryside of the central province of Homs
– More wounded terrorists treated at Israeli occupation hospitals
– Iran: Shekhani & Abadi emphasize cooperation to fight terrorism
– Iraq: UN Assistant Secretary General condemns crimes against Azidis
– Iraq: Army continues operations against ISIL, killing many terrorists
– Churkin: Reports on ISIS having US. weapons show need of coordination with Syrian government


Lavrov warns against repeating the Iraqi & Libyan scenarios in Syria

– A den for Jabhat al-Nusra destroyed, infiltrating terrorists killed in Idleb and Daraa
– New polio vaccination campaign targets 3 million children
– Turkey: Demonstrations against Erdogan’s policies in different Turkish universities
– Telegraph: Kosovo Lady receiving about her child taken to Syria by Jihadi dad
– Demonstrations is Saudi cities against death sentence for Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr
– Russia: Security forces eliminated Master Mind of terrorist blast in Chechen Capital


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