SYRIAN TV – Syria News 22 october 2014 – Churkin: No wonder of reports about american weapons fallen in ISIS hands

Publié: 23 octobre 2014 dans 1 - Revue de presse - Journaux télévisés - Videos, Syrie
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– Al-Jaafari: Time has come for the UN to punish the terrorist coalition that seeks to destroy Syria
– Information Minister: Ayn al-Arab (Kobane) is part of Syria’s territory and the state performs its role towards all areas
– Al-Moallem: Syria keen on being treated as member of Chemical Weapons Convention without discrimination or politicization
– Terrorists suffer heavy losses in personnel and equipment in Quneitra and Daraa
– Military source: Army units destroy terrorists’ dens and vehicles in
al-Rastan, Jazal and Mas’ada in the countryside of the central province of Homs
– More wounded terrorists treated at Israeli occupation hospitals
– Iran: Shekhani & Abadi emphasize cooperation to fight terrorism
– Iraq: UN Assistant Secretary General condemns crimes against Azidis
– Iraq: Army continues operations against ISIL, killing many terrorists
– Churkin: Reports on ISIS having US. weapons show need of coordination with Syrian government


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