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– Ein Al-Arab: Inhabitants & Popular Defense units confront ISIS & push it back out of several areas
– Syrian Army advances in Jobar, Terrorists killed or wounded in Damascus suburbs, Deraa, Homs, Idleb and Quneitra
– Iran, Zarif: It is not right to combat ISIS terrorist organization in Iraq and simultaneously strengthen it in Syria
– Iraq: Military plan in place to restore security to areas under ISIL control



Ziad Fadel


ميدانيSalmaa:  More SAA operations dominate in the far northeastern corner of Latakia Province.  The SAA has redoubled its efforts to exterminate Erdoghan’s rats here, most of whom belong to the Nusra terrorist gangs.  The rats are so befuddled by the tenacity and ferocity of the Syrian Army’s attacks that they have started splitting up into very small groups to avoid the horrendous casualties they are sustaining.  Only 3 days ago, a group of seemingly lost rodents were nearing my wife’s ancestral town of Slinfeh, a very chic and beautiful resort town with million dollar homes and great cafes, when they were spotted by locals who alerted the MoD.  That did not take long.  SAAF helicopters swooped down on them and pursued them all the way to the Gates of Hell.  All 4 were killed and left to rot as fertilizer in the orchards which they…

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– President al-Assad performs Eid al-Adha prayer at al-Nu’man Bin Bashir Mosque in Damascus
– New York: UNSC denounces Homs explosions that targeted school’s children
– #Russia criticizes #American airstrikes on Syrian territories
– Army targeted terrorists’ hideout in Salma village in Lattakia countryside
– Syrian Army units destroy track loaded with weapons and kill terrorists in Hama countryside
– #Iraq: Iraqi Army controls Zemar district in Mosul,
– #Daesh adopts murder of British hostage



Local Editor

Syrian ArmyThe Syrian army, in cooperation with the national defense forces and citizens, established full control over Adra al-Balad city in Damascus Countryside, according to SANA.

The army units killed a number of terrorists, while the engineering units are dismantling the mines and bombs planted by the armed terrorist organizations.

The Syrian military also discovered tunnels dug by the terrorist groups to link Adra al-Balad with many other towns in eastern Gouta.

The Syrian warplanes targeted the terrorist sites in Hamah, Aleppo, Idleb and Daraa, inflicting heavy losses upon the militant groups.

Source: Al-Manar Website

27-09-2014 – 15:28 Last updated 27-09-2014 – 15:28


 انجاز عدرا _ د محمود محمد | سما 

تغطية مباشرة _ آخر التطورات الميدانية _ عدرا البلد _ طارق الاحمد | سما 

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

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Ziad Fadel 

عشرات القتلى من إرهابيي DAMASCUS:  The Nusra and ISIS terrorists now trapped on the border with Lebanon and Syria are desperate to escape the daily torment of being hunted down by the Lebanese Army and Hizbollah.  Yesterday, in another suicidal effort that can only be described as pure insanity, the rats tried to break the SAA defenses set up at Faaleetaa and lost 92 of their rodents to the tactical brilliance and unrelenting air and ground fire from the legitimate government of Syria.  Most of the rats were killed in an ambush set by the SAA SF based out of Al-Qutayfa.  They rigged hundreds of IEDs.  Many of you will not believe this, but the IEDs were largely manufactured by the rats themselves!  That’s right, all those reports in SyrPer about SAA sappers dismantling IEDs laid by rats have proven to be, not only correct, but proof positive…

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– Army foil infiltration attempt in outskirts of Damascus city by terrorists as news by misleading media means are baseless
– Hama countryside: Syrian Army units restores peace and stability to Zilin farms, Power plant of Mhardeh re-lanced and connected to grid
– Army units target terrorists’ dens, killing and wounding a number of them north-west of Abu al-Dhour Airport in Idleb countryside
– Military source: Army units eliminate terrorists who were trying to infiltrate from Um Sahrij village into al-Shumarieh mountains in Homs countryside, inflicts heavy losses upon terrorists in Aleppo
– Iran: US policies lead to the spread of terrorism tn the region
– New evidence of Qatar’s involvement in sabotage role in the states of the region, 3 military planes loaded with weapons sent by Qatar to militias in Libya
– Iraq: Iraqi armed forces eliminate a number of ISIS terrorists


Neutralisation de terroristes dans les banlieues de Daraa, Idleb, Alep, Homs, Damas


Syria News 11 august 2014, Syrian Army eliminated terrorist gangs in countrysides of Idleb, Daraa, Homs