Articles Tagués ‘Foreign Ministry’

Foreign Ministry: Syria rejects creation of buffer zones in its territories, will take measures to preserve its sovereignty
– Medvedev: Syria’s government is sole bearer of Syrian people’s sovereignty
– Lavrov: Russia & the U.S can effectively cooperate in combating terrorism
– MP Waris al-Younes and another civilian killed in terrorist attack in Hama
– Russia: Arrest of one terrorist involved in recruiting terrorists to fight in Iraq & Syria
– Iraq: Army arrests 15 most dangerous ISIL terrorists
– Egypt: Bomb blast injures 12 people in Cairo


– U.S. and partners launch air strikes against ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists in DeirEzzor, Raqqa, and Idleb
– Foreign Ministry: Minister al-Moallem received letter from US counterpart informing him that the US will target ISIS positions in Syria
– Russia calls on the U.S. to acquire approval from the Syrian government on attacking terrorists’ sites in Syria
– Operations against foreign-backed terrorists continue across Syrian areas, scores of terrorists eliminated in several areas
– Austria: 30 Austrian terrorist have been killed in Syria out of 140 fighting there
– Lebanon: Lebanese soldier killed, two wounded in attack by armed men in Tripoli
– Iraq: army kills scores of ISIL’s terrorists in Tikrit



– L’armée syrienne prend le contrôle de certaines zones et collines à Khan Toman dans la banlieue-sud d’Alep
– La Syrie condamne les agressions #terroristes menées contre l’armée libanaise afin de déstabiliser le Liban
– Ouverture à Téhéran de la réunion ministérielle du Mouvement de non-alignement avec la participation de la Syrie
– Miqdad: Israël déclenche une guerre mondiale contre le peuple palestinien avec le soutien des pays occidentaux
– L’occupant israélien poursuit son #agression contre le peuple palestinien dans la bande de Gaza
– Sept martyrs dans un massacre commis par des terroristes dans la banlieue de Salamiyah à Hama



– Army units gained control over some areas in Khan Toman in Aleppo province, kills more terrorists in several areas as Military operations continuous
– Foreign Ministry: Syria condemns terrorist attacks against Lebanese Army
– Ministerial meeting of Palestine Committee affiliated to Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) kicks-off in Tehran
– Israel continues brutal aggression against Gaza, death toll rises to 1,840
– Mikdad: Israel launches global war against people whose main concern is to defend rights
– Iraq has received 24 Russian made jet fighter to improve capabilities of its air force against the threat of the ISIS terrorists