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Hollande contre BathoDelphine Batho (et Yannick Jadot) reprochent à François Hollande d’être allé en Alberta lors de son voyage d’Etat de trois jours au Canada, et ce le jour même où sort l’alarmant rapport du GIEC.

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Global News

CALGARY – A plane carrying the French President touched down at the Calgary International Airport on Sunday.

Francois Hollande arrived in Calgary Sunday morning and was greeted by Prime Minister Stephen Harper before the pair left for Banff.

The French president is in Canada on a three-day visit that will see him make stops in Banff, Quebec City, Montreal and Ottawa.

Hollande will attend a state dinner hosted by Governor General David Johnston before travelling to Ottawa where he will address parliament.

The French leader is travelling with several ministers, as well as a business and academic delegation from France.

The trip is intended to strengthen trade and economic ties, and foster greater cooperation when it comes to international security.

France is Canada’s eighth largest commercial partner, with bilateral merchandise trade tallying more than $8.5 billion in 2013.

Though a French president has visited Canada before, most recently during G8…

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