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– Premier al-Halaqi discuss in Tehran developing bilateral cooperation between Syria and Iran
– Russia’s MFA: Development of relations among states should be based on equality & respect
– Sydney Siege: 40 hostages at Lindt Chocolate Cafe in Australia
– Turkey: Police forces raid offices of media outlets as arresting campaign against journalists continue
– Syrian Arab Army continues the military operations across the country, eliminating more terrorists
– Al-Assad Opera House hosts the Arab Music Festival


– Syrian, Iranian FMs stress continued efforts in support of Syria, say Israeli aggression aimed at raising terrorists’ morale
– Speaker al-Laham: Israeli aggression exposed Israel’s partnership with terrorists
– Israel begins looting Lebanese gas
– DeirEzzour & Aleppo: Syrian Arab Army foils infiltration attempts kills scores of terrorists
– Iraq: Iraqi forces repel ISIS attacks in al-Ramadi


– Army and Armed Forces units kill and injured a number of terrorists, in Daraa & in Bdama and Kafar Shlaya towns in Idleb countryside
– Ein Al-Arab (Kobane ) residents inflict heavy losses upon ISIL, cutting off supply road
– Bogdanov: Russia affirms support for resuming Syrian dialogue to find solution
– Iran: President Rohani: Extremism & terrorism represent immense problems that should be confronted and eliminated
– Iraq: Army takes control of Bari village, west of Sinjar province, kills a large number of IS terrorists in military operation in Al-Anbar
– Occupied Palestine: Four citizens wounded by Israeli fire during fierce clashes with occupation soldiers
– Egypt: Soldiers killed in terrorist attack in Sinai, Army continues military operations as terrorism strikes
– Libya: Two attacks target two Arab embassies
– Damascus: Festivity held to honor wounded soldiers of Syrian Arab Army


– Ayn al-Arab (Kobane) locals continue to defend their city in face of the ISIS attacks
– 221 wanted persons from Damascus & countryside turn themselves in, legal files of other 84 gunmen settled in Homs
– Syrian Arab Army continues fighting terrorism across the country
– Lebanon: Terrorist attack led to the death of 4 Lebanese soldiers
– Jordan: Iraqi Premier Al-Abadi: Regional states involved in supporting ISIS


– Damascus Countryside: Syrian Arab Army continues to advance in Jobar, recovering buildings, eliminating terrorists
– Terrorists, particularly ISIS gunmen killed or wounded in Homs, Dera’a, Quneitra, DeirEzzour, Idleb & Aleppo
– Frankfurter Allgemeine Newspaper: A terrorist from German state of Hissen was recently killed in Syria
– Canada, Parliament Gunman, Government pledge to redouble anti-terror efforts after
– Iraq: Iraqi army storms Beiji province inflecting heavy losses on ISIS terrorists
– Occupied Jerusalem: Israeli soldiers assassinate Palestinian teenager


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Syrian Arab Army’s clampdown on terrorists continue in various areas

04/10/2014 ~ Army continued operations against positions of terrorist organizations in various areas on Saturday, clamping down hard on them and inflicting heavy losses upon them in personnel and equipment.

Numbers of terrorists were killed as units of the armed forces targeted their gatherings in operations that were concentrated in several towns and villages in the countryside of the coastal province of Lattakia.

SANA reporter quoted a military source as saying that an army unit destroyed a den for terrorists in Salma town in the northern countryside, leaving all terrorists inside it dead and wounded.

The source added that other army units destroyed a number of cars equipped with heavy machine guns which terrorists were using in the villages of al-Koum, Dourin, al-Mgheiriyeh and Tertyah.

Meanwhile, army units targeted a number of gatherings of terrorists in Kfarnan, Burj Qaei, Ein…

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– #Syrian Arab #Army #eliminates terrorists in #Aleppo, #destroys their #criminal tools, #gains #control over new areas
– #Idleb: #Army units #kill #tens of Jabhat Al-#Nusra’s, #Ahrar al-Sham’s and Jund al-Aqsa’s terrorists
– #BASP: Syrian Arab Army’s victories are an extension to #October #war victories
– Palestinian #Liberation #Army: Syrian Arab Army achieves #victories against terrorism
– #Palestine: A Palestinian dead of wounds he sustained during Israeli aggression
– #Lebanon: Infiltration attempt towards Ersal foiled
– #Iran: Afkham: voices Iran’s support to Algerian initiative to launch dialogue in Libya
– #Brazil: 142 million #Brazilians cast their ballots to #choose a new #president


– Syrian Arab Army continues operations against terrorists in Damascus, Daraa & Quneitra countryside
– Iran welcomes any help to Syrians and Iraqis who are fighting against terrorism
– Iranian and American foreign ministers discuss ISIS danger & Iran nuclear file, Zarif – Kerry
– Sednaya: Ghada Shu’aa the Syrian Olympic Champion honored by « Syria’s Youth Imprint » Group


– Foreign Ministry: Turkish government is continuing its misleading propaganda campaign against Syria
– Al-Jaafari: Israel wants occupied Golan to be without int’l monitoring…Qatari, Saudi and Turkish intelligence responsible for funding terrorism
– Syrian citizens express determination to defeat terrorism
– Many IS terrorists are killed or injured by the Syrian Arab Army in DeirEzzor, Aleppo and Daraa
– S.A.Army continues to advance in Jobar in Damascus suburbs, taking over new buildings & eliminating terrorists
– Baghdad: Iraqi foreign minister warns against terrorism of Islamic State which can transcend all boundaries
– Iraq: Scores of IS terrorists, including leaders, by Iraqi army in Anbar, Baghdad & Babel as airstrikes continue
– Iran: World countries should cooperate to help Syria & Iraq confront terrorism away from military intervention


– Syrian Arab Army inflicts heavy losses on terrorists in Aleppo, Idleb, Homs and Daraa governorates
– A number of buildings liberated from the armed men, tunnels found in Jobar in Damascus countryside
– Terrorists’ hideout containing criminal equipment and weapons hidden under the ground found in Al-Hamidieh district of Homs
– Iraq: Iraqi army targets terrorists in Ninawa, Salahuddin, Al-Anbar and est of Baghdad
– Egypt: Six policemen killed, others wounded in a blast north of Sinai
– Russia: Reckless and irresponsible policy of US and its allies would lead the World to new Cold_War
– Afghanistan: Four Nato troops dead in attack near US Embassy in Kabul


– Iran : Some countries in the international coalition for countering terrorism, financially and military support terrorists in Syria and Iraq
– Syrian Arab Army expands the areas of its control in Jobar, tighten the siege on terrorists in Hama, Idleb, al-Qunaitra and Daraa
– Iraq: 150 terrorists are killed in Haditha, plan declared to clear al-Falluja of ISIS
– Obama to target ISIL everywhere, will not hesitate to strike it in Syria
– China: Combating terrorism must be part of a collective effort within the framework of international law


– ISIS terrorists kill and crucify 5 civilians in DeirEzzor countryside
– A Syrian boy fled ISIS barbaric training’s camp, threatened to have his father beheaded because he refused to join it.
– The Telegraph: ISIL was planning to use chemical & biological weapons
– DeirEzzor: Syrian Arab Army kills ISIS terrorists, destroys their gathering & criminal tools
– Army units eliminate terrorists, raze their dens in several areas across country
– UN condemn Jabhat al-Nusra attack against UNDOF forces in occupied Syrian #Golan
– Hama: 2 citizens martyred and 10 injured by car bomb in West Salamye
– Foreign Ministry condemns Hollande’s insistence on misinformation campaign against Syria
– Iraq: Iraqi operations to break ISIS siege over Amerly

Syria News 31/8/2014, Syria condemns Hollande’s misleading campaign & support to terrorist thoughts


– Syrian Arab army targets convoy for terrorists heading from Beit Saber to Al-Najjar farm in Qunaitera contryside
– Army eliminates dozens of terrorists across the country
– Gaza: The ceasefire reached marks a new political and military victory for the Palestinians resistance
– Al-Maliki calls for prosecuting perpetrators of terrorist attacks in Iraq, Iraqi troops inflict heavy losses on ISIS


– European Jihadists look forward to return home and operate there
– Ban Ki-Moon: Terrorism facing Syria threaten the whole world
– US: Defense Secretary warns against Daesh threat
– Units of Syrian Arab army discover tunnel linking Adraa with Doma, regain full control over Thameco pharmaceutical factory in   Damascus countryside,
– Army thwarts terrorists’ infiltration attempt in Quneitra, targets terrorist hide-out in Al-Karak in Daraa countryside
– Army units inflict heavy losses upon terrorists in different areas in Aleppo and Idleb countrysides
– Two airplanes carrying humanitarian aid offered by UNICEF arrive in Qamishli


– Source militaire: Les nouvelles sur des raids américains contre des objectifs à Raqqa sont dépourvues de tout fondement
– Convoi d’assistances humanitaire à la banlieue de Daraa
– L’armée arabe syrienne vise un QG des chefs de groupes terroristes à Daraa Balad
– Banlieue de Damas: Découverte d’un réseau de tunnel des terroristes à Mleiha
– Destruction d’un véhicule doté de mitrailleuse lourde à l’est de Hajja en Qunaitra
– Irak: Les forces irakiennes poursuivent la traque des terroristes de l’ EIIL
– Le ministre libanaise des AE: L’Irak et le Liban affrontent les mêmes risques du terrorisme
– CNN: Preuves sur l implication du Qatar dans l’appui aux réseaux terroristes en Syrie et en Irak


– Military source: Baseless media reports on US strikes on Raqqa
– Daraa: Campaign with humanitarian relief reaches Governorate
– Aleppo & its countryside: Syrian Arab Army eliminates terrorist and destroy their weapons
– Damascus countryside: Syrian Arab Army finds a tunnel network made by terrorists, continues its operation in Daraa & Qunaitra
– Iraq: Army continued military operations of chasing ISIS terrorists of in Musel, Salah-Eddin and Al-Anbar.