SYRIAN TV – Syria News 23 october 2014 -1500 people from the Commonwealth are fighting with terrorists in Syria

Publié: 25 octobre 2014 dans 1 - Revue de presse - Journaux télévisés - Videos, Syrie
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– Damascus Countryside: Syrian Arab Army continues to advance in Jobar, recovering buildings, eliminating terrorists
– Terrorists, particularly ISIS gunmen killed or wounded in Homs, Dera’a, Quneitra, DeirEzzour, Idleb & Aleppo
– Frankfurter Allgemeine Newspaper: A terrorist from German state of Hissen was recently killed in Syria
– Canada, Parliament Gunman, Government pledge to redouble anti-terror efforts after
– Iraq: Iraqi army storms Beiji province inflecting heavy losses on ISIS terrorists
– Occupied Jerusalem: Israeli soldiers assassinate Palestinian teenager


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