Syria News 24 september 2014 – Russia & Iran: U.S. employs double standards in combating terrorism

Publié: 25 septembre 2014 dans 1 - Revue de presse - Journaux télévisés - Videos, Syrie
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– U.S Airstrikes hit Ein-Arab in Aleppo & Al-Boukamal in DeirEzzor
– Terrorists killed, their weaponry destroyed in many areas across the country
– Rohani: US & its allies airstrikes on ISIS in Syria are illegal, being carried out without Syria’s approval
– UN Security Council includes more than 12 terrorists including French & Saudi nationalities on black list
– Iraq: Scores of ISIS terrorists killed in Iraqi air-strikes over Kirkuk and Tikrit
– Damascus: Workshop on the future of Syrian Drama, held by the General Establishment of Radio & Tv Production
– Ebla: Cultural symposium making 50th anniversary of discovering Ebla Kingdom


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