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– SAA eliminates several terrorists, destroys their hideouts, seizes a network of tunnels in Jobar in Damascus countryside, more terrorists eliminated in Aleppo and Homs suburbs
– Raqqa & Deir EzZour: SAA destroys several ISIS hideouts, kills and injuries many of them including non-Syrian
– Many terrorists are killed or injured in several villages of Quneitra suburbs
– Al-Jaafari: Syria has taken all measures to protect children
– competent authorities have seized a car loaded with 20.000 captagon pills
– 1043 gunmen from Daraa, 18 from Idleb, 32 from Quneitra have their legal status settled
– Iraq: Iraqi Army liberates new areas from ISIL terrorists


– Moscow expects De Mistura would present a new plan to launch dialogue on crisis in Syria
– Damascus countryside: Army continues advancement in Jobar, kills scores of terrorists in Eastern Ghouta
– Army foils terrorists’ attempts to attack military posts in Homs countryside
– Idleb: Members of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist organization killed
– Terrorists eliminated, their weaponry destroyed in Aleppo
– Iraq: Iraqi war planes target Daesh hideouts
– US: Senders calls for withdrawing US nationality from terrorists
– Decline in French president Hollande popularity after declaration about supporting terrorists in Syria publishing the book of his ex-partner.


– Security Council demands armed groups abandon UNDOF positions and Quatrain crossing point
– Army continue its military operations against terrorists across Syria
– Iraq: Army eliminates ISIS terrorists in Kirkuk, Mosul and Tikrit, among them al-Baghdadi’s main assistant the Syrian Abu Hajar
– Gaza: Two Palestinians died after sustaining injuries during the recent Israeli aggression, more houses demolished in the west bank


– Full text of foreign minister Walid Al-Moallem
– Moscow affirms support to Syria and Iraq in counter-terrorism push
– Army unit has set an ambush on al-Hara-Zamrin road in Daraa countryside, killing and wounding large numbers of terrorists and confiscating their weapons, some of them non-Syrians.
– Army targets terrorists’ gatherings and hideouts in many areas across the country


– West demand coordination with Syria to face ISIL
– Kuwaiti takfiri have been backing the terrorists in Syria
– Army eliminates many terrorists, destroys their equipment in Daraa, and Qunaitra countrysides
– Army units foil terrorists’ infiltration attempts into secure areas in Homs countryside
– Iraqi forces kill terrorist leader in Baquba, ISIS hide-outs destroyed in several areas


– European Jihadists look forward to return home and operate there
– Ban Ki-Moon: Terrorism facing Syria threaten the whole world
– US: Defense Secretary warns against Daesh threat
– Units of Syrian Arab army discover tunnel linking Adraa with Doma, regain full control over Thameco pharmaceutical factory in   Damascus countryside,
– Army thwarts terrorists’ infiltration attempt in Quneitra, targets terrorist hide-out in Al-Karak in Daraa countryside
– Army units inflict heavy losses upon terrorists in different areas in Aleppo and Idleb countrysides
– Two airplanes carrying humanitarian aid offered by UNICEF arrive in Qamishli


– L’Armée arabe syrienne continue la traque des terroristes dans plusieurs régions
– La Banlieue d’Idleb: Convoi d’aide humanitaire vers région de Harem
– Cameron met en garde contre le danger de Daesh
– Irak: Des forces irakiennes contrôlent les régions de la ceinture de Bagdad, élimine 116 terroristes de l’EIIL
– Abbas: Les Palestiniens n’accepteront jamais la division de Jérusalem
– Liban: Ouverture de l’exposition de « Syria Motex » à Beyrouth


– 10 truck convoy of humanitarian aid to Idleb countryside
– DeirEzzour: Locals destroyed ISIS terrorists den
– Army killed and injured terrorists in several villages and towns in Homs countryside, foiling their attempt to infiltrate towards Ahrash Kafarnan.
– Iraq: Iraqi forces regain control of new areas, killing 116 terrorists among them Abu Anas Al-Jolani
– Cameron who is involved in supporting terrorism in Syria and Iraq: UK helps in repelling #Daesh
– Palestine, President Abbas: Jerusalem division is a red line
– #National Center for Outstanding people prepares to host new students
– The National Commission for Syrian Scientific Olympic started scientific exercises
– General directorate for development and protection of deserts in Palmyra continues its activities in protecting wild life


– President Bashar Al Assad issues decree on forming new government headed by al-Halqi
– Larijani… US attempts to exonerate itself from crimes in Syria, Palestine, Lebanon and Iraq doomed to failure
– Idleb: terrorist rocket attacks kill 4 children and woman
– Damascus and Daraa countrysides: Military operations targeting terrorists killing many
– Patriarch Yazigi: Syria steadfastness comes from the steadfastness of her leadership, people, army, and she remains source of light
– Reconciliation Minister: Circumstances in Aleppo pave the way for national reconciliation initiatives
– Palestinian child martyred in Israeli occupation shooting in al-Fawar refugee camp, West Bank
– Iraq: More than 200 ISIS terrorists killed