Articles Tagués ‘terrorist attacks’

– Media source: Denial of government’s support to Syrian Kurds does not change the fact nor the government’s attitude
– Army targets terrorists’ gatherings in several areas, destroys their weapons and vehicles
– Lebanon: Two killed in Tripoli, army maintains control
– UN Security council condemns terrorist attacks in Sinai
– The third British terrorist, who had joined ISIS in Syria, was killed in Ein al-Arab Kobane
– Iraq: Army Forces foil attack by ISIS terrorists North Ba’quba


– Syrian Arab army targets convoy for terrorists heading from Beit Saber to Al-Najjar farm in Qunaitera contryside
– Army eliminates dozens of terrorists across the country
– Gaza: The ceasefire reached marks a new political and military victory for the Palestinians resistance
– Al-Maliki calls for prosecuting perpetrators of terrorist attacks in Iraq, Iraqi troops inflict heavy losses on ISIS