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To Inform is to Influence

The US Army is opening its new cyber branch up with a bang!

The Army is accepting applications from Regular Army officers in the ranks of second lieutenant through colonel who want to become members of the service’s new career branch for cyber warriors.


The application deadline is November 7th to apply for the December 2nd board.  Results will be announced in January 2015 from the new 17A cyber warfare officers Voluntary Transfer Incentive Program (VTIP) panel.

The VTIP appears to be a way to inject the core of the new cyberwarfare field into place.

Simultaneous with the buildup of an officer career branch for 17A cyber warriors, the Army will build a new career management field for 17C enlisted cyber warfare specialists, comprised primarily of soldiers with signal and military intelligence skills.

This appears to send a serious message to other countries who are honing their cyber skills on American…

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