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ma ddddddItalian police on Thursday  arrested a  top capo  in the notorious  ‘Ndrangheta mafia  who had escaped capture earlier this month,reports Ansa News 

Domenico Antonio Mollica, 47, was found  in his  hideout in Rome beneath the roof of his home accessible via a hatch in a built-in cupboard.

Police had been searching for him since January 9th  as part of a probe targeting  ‘Ndrangheta gangs, Palamara, Scriva, Mollica and Morabito, who operate in the  rackets in the region of Rome

Mollica  had managed to escape arrest while hiding in a secet attic in his home in January, where top bosses Placido Scriva and Domenico Morabito  were arrested

Police, still suspicious,  searched  the same house 28 days later and  found the fugitive, who gave himself up after police and firemen started digging in the attic

Police also  found bedding, water, documents and an image of the Madonna of Polsi .  Mollica is…

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