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Canada has made eliminating propaganda that supports ISIS, and other terrorist groups, a priority in newly proposed anti-terror legislation.

Bill C-51 would make it an offence to promote or advocate « the commission of terrorism offences, » and paves the way for the RCMP to seek a judicial order to remove such propaganda — which often aims to recruit foreign fighters or supporters — from the Internet.

The problem is, ISIS and extremist organizations are quite adept at getting around online obstacles to get their messages out, and move faster to find new avenues to spread their ideals than authorities can keep up with.

« By the time they actually go through this legislation, even if it takes a few days, it’s still not fast enough to keep up with the propaganda that’s being put out there, » said Muhammed Robert Heft, a de-radicalization counsellor based in the Toronto area.


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PESHAWAR, Pakistan – Pakistani children returned on Monday to the school where Taliban gunmen killed 150 of their classmates and teachers last month, clutching their parents’ hands tightly in a poignant symbol of perseverance despite the horrors they had endured.

It was the first time the school had reopened since the assault and security was tight. The nation has been reeling from the Dec. 16 terrorist attack in Peshawar – one of the worst Pakistan has experienced. The violence carried out by seven Taliban militants heaped pressure on authorities to end the stubborn insurgency that kills and maims thousands every year.

The massacre also horrified parents across the nation and prompted officials to implement tighter security at schools.

For Peshawar parents like Abid Ali Shah, Monday morning was especially painful as he struggled to get his sons ready for school, something his wife used to do. She was a teacher…

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TORONTO – Wednesday’s shooting on Parliament Hill that left two people dead, including Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, was not the first time people have carried out acts of terrorism (or planned to) on Canadian soil.

Cirillo was shot and killed Wednesday morning while guarding the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier on Parliament Hill in what Prime Minister Stephen Harper later labelled a terrorist attack.

“We will be vigilant but we will not run scared. We will be prudent but we will not panic. As for business of government, here we are in our seats, in our chamber in [the] very heart of our democracy,” Harper said Thursday in the House of Commons. “We live in a dangerous world; terrorism has been here with us for a while and [has come] dangerously close on a number of occasions.”

Here’s a partial list of some of terrorist attacks carried out or planned in…

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