Articles Tagués ‘terrorism in Syria’

– S.A. Army continues its military operations against terrorist’s organization across the country, inflicting heavy losses upon them
– Al-Jaafari: There is moral problem with how the UN Secretariat is dealing with terrorism in Syria
– Washington post: 1000 mercenaries joins terrorists in Syria monthly, despite USA coalition’s raids


– Al-Jaafari: West’s admission of terrorism in Syria came late, women were victimized by support for terrorists
– Video released showing Turkey’s involvement with ISIS
– Britain, Germany and US step up security measures against potential terrorists’ threat
– Damascus countryside: Terrorists & non-Syrian mercenaries eliminated in eastern Ghouta & Qalamoun prairies
– Lebanon: Lebanies army continues to restore stability & order to Sidon and Tripoli
– Iraq: Army eliminates 37 ISIL terrorists, including Arab suicide bombers
– UNSC to hold session to discuss threat of Israeli policy of settlements construction in Jerusalem, Palestine
– Preparation to choose new Syrian Olympic team for international compitions