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Army units secured the evacuation of tens of families from the town of Zebdin in Damascus countryside who fled the terrorist organizations that are running amok in the town.

Member of the National Community of Syrian Clans, sheikh Jamal Barakat, said that the army secured the evacuation of tens of families from Zebdin, which is located in al-Mleiha area in the Eastern Ghouta, escorting them to the town of Jaramana.

The families consisted of 150 people, most of them women, children, and elderly people, adding that the army also rushed 20 of these people whose health condition was critical to al-Radi Hospital in Jaramana, and they were later transported by the Syrian Arab Red Crescent to specialized hospitals in Damascus.

Barakat said that those among the evacuated people will be transported to a temporary housing center in Jaramana if they want and will be provided with services, food, and healthcare…

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