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TOKYO – Japan’s parliament re-elected Shinzo Abe on Wednesday to serve another term as prime minister after his party won a snap election earlier this month.

Abe won 328 votes out of the 470 cast by lawmakers in a special session of the lower house Wednesday. Since the ruling Liberal Democrats hold only two lower house seats, two other lawmakers also cast votes for Abe.

Following a similar vote by the upper house, Abe will name his cabinet, replacing only his defence minister. The cabinet members are then to be presented in a formal ceremony to Emperor Akihito at the Imperial Palace.

The victory by the ruling Liberal Democrats and their coalition partner the Komei Party was viewed as an endorsement by the public of Abe’s strategies for reviving Japan’s stagnant economy, despite a record low turnout.

Former Defence Minister Akinori Eto was among cabinet ministers appointed in a reshuffle…

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