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00 dead junta soldiers. Novorossiya. 17.08.14

All those who march on Russia will be put to death… dead junta pigs in Novorossiya

There are new replacements from the Lvovshchina now in the Donbass. They have shiny new American uniforms… and little else. They have, on average, only 3-4 weeks of “training”… in short, these clueless Galician Uniate hillbilly incompetents aren’t soldiers… they’re an armed mob incapable of carrying out the most basic combat evolutions. Galicia is the only solid area for the junta left… and there’s been antiwar protests there, too! The clueless Minoborony Ukrainy (it’s under an unmilitary cop, after all) put these untrained drafts into an “Airborne Brigade”, which means that a once-first-rate unit is now a band of ragtag volunteers. It smells like a repeat of Langemarck and the human wave attacks of the Revolutionary Guards in the Iran-Iraq War is in the offing. The butcher’s bill will be horrendous. Note well that S Yu Shevchuk smiles and blesses the slaughter. None dare call it demonic…