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This 2013 video is called Child soldiers in the British Army: one recruit’s story.

By Joe Mount in Britain:

Further militarisation of UK schools

29 December 2014

This month the UK government boosted by £5 million its Military Skills and Ethos in Schools programme, aimed at instilling military values in children.

The Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition claims the schemes, run by former soldiers, will “build character” by developing “resilience”, “respect” and “self-confidence”. It targets children from disadvantaged backgrounds who struggle at school.

Education Secretary Nicky Morgan said, “For pupils who may have faced challenges or difficulties in their personal life, these initiatives run by former armed services personnel can offer a sense of greater aspiration and can help build the skills and confidence they need to go on to good jobs and successful futures.”

Morgan replaced Michael Gove in this summer’s cabinet reshuffle. Gove was widely hated by…

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