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Barack Obama et Kim Jong-un invités aux célébrations du 70e anniversaire de la victoire à Moscou

Par La Voix de la Russie | Le président américain Barack Obama et le leader de la Corée du Nord Kim Jong-un ont été invités aux célébrations consacrées au 70 e anniversaire de la victoire à la Seconde guerre mondiale qui auront lieu en mai 2015, rapporte l’assistant du président russe Iouri Ouchakov.

Ouchakov a noté que Pyongyang a déjà répondu à l’invitation et a laissé entendre que la visite du leader nord-coréen en Russie est possible.

« Tous les pays qui de la coalition anti-hitlérienne, ainsi que les partenaires de la Russie, notamment les pays BRICS sont invités aux célébrations », a précisé l’assistant du président russe.

La Corée du Nord menace cependant d’attaquer la Maison Blanche, considérant que le gouvernement américain est impliqué dans la création de la comédie Interview, qui relate l’histoire de l’assassinat de Kim Jong-un .
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Charges of bribery and watching TV are used to justify North Korea’s continued purge of senior officials

Ten officials of North Korea’s Workers Party have been shot dead for charges ranging from graft to watching South Korean soap operas.

According to Lim Dae Sung, an aide to ruling South Korean Saenuri Party lawmaker Lee Cheol Woo, the latest deaths are part of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s round of purges to erase his dead uncle’s influence.

It was in December that Kim had his uncle Jang Song Thaek killed over charges of factionalism, graft and sexual misconduct, reports Bloomberg.

Kim recently put in an appearance after many weeks following surgery to remove a cyst, amidstspeculations on his long absence.

The leader has consolidated his power through purges, including the removal, two years ago, of Vice Marshall Staff Ri Yong Ho who guided him in the succession process.

Kim exercises control over North Korea’s 1.2 million troops and a nuclear arms programme, after taking over the 24-million-strong nation from his father Kim Jong-il who died in 2011.

He has recently replaced many army commanders and demoted some for poor performance of artillery.

Kim, who is a fan of western cartoon shows and characters like Winnie the Pooh, Tigger and Minnie Mouse, has not taken kindly to a Western action-comedy movie that depicts an attempt to assassinate him. He has pledged to “mercilessly destroy” anyone associated with the movie.

Meanwhile, a thawing of relations between North and South Koreas was offset by anti-Kim leaflets sent over the border, to which South Korea responded by saying it has no control over public opinion.

Kim had recently threatened to strengthen the country’s nuclear programme following the memoirs of a former CIA director which takes a strong line against Pyongyang.