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Calais Migrant Solidarity

On Thursday 24th, the court gave its decision about the new squat on Impasse des Salines: the inhabitants of the house have ten days to leave the place before an eviction...The authorities and the police have ten days to find a strategy to evict this squat and we have ten days to organize the defence of the place and to respond to this attack!

The inhabitants of the place have, for the moment, decided that they will stay in this house even if the police try to evict them. They will resist and they ask for our help for this. There are now more than 100 people staying there at night and more than 300 are coming there everyday for a cup of tea, a collective meal, French lessons, card games and to have access to the basic hygienic facilities (toilets, showers and water.)

The jungle near the Tioxide…

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