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Yuri YurchenkoA French citizen Yuri Yurchenko, poet and playwright, was taken into captivity on August 20 in the city of Ilovajsk in Donetsk People’s Republic.


Yuri came to Donetsk to cover events in the Donbass region truthfully to the European public. Using his European communication channels and social prominence, he has contributed significantly to break the information blockade in the Western media. Yuri often visited the front line and repeatedly appeared on television and on the Internet. His personality just could not be overlooked by the Kiev authorities, given that they do not spare even foreign journalists.

Yuri Yurchenko never had any weapons. He arrived in Novorossia as a field stringer with reporter accreditation from a number of French media outlets. He went to a meeting with the Ukrainian punitive forces in Ilovajsk after he received a consent to an interview from them. But he could not know that the Ukrainian regime ordered to “neutralize” all journalists, including Western, if they have not been tested and approved by the secret services.