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– Syrian Arab Army inflicts heavy losses on terrorists in Aleppo, Idleb, Homs and Daraa governorates
– A number of buildings liberated from the armed men, tunnels found in Jobar in Damascus countryside
– Terrorists’ hideout containing criminal equipment and weapons hidden under the ground found in Al-Hamidieh district of Homs
– Iraq: Iraqi army targets terrorists in Ninawa, Salahuddin, Al-Anbar and est of Baghdad
– Egypt: Six policemen killed, others wounded in a blast north of Sinai
– Russia: Reckless and irresponsible policy of US and its allies would lead the World to new Cold_War
– Afghanistan: Four Nato troops dead in attack near US Embassy in Kabul


Neutralisation de terroristes dans les banlieues de Daraa, Idleb, Alep, Homs, Damas


Syria News 11 august 2014, Syrian Army eliminated terrorist gangs in countrysides of Idleb, Daraa, Homs