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Abelmalek Gouri, chef de Daesh-IS en Algérie éliminé par l'ANP

 Abdelmalek Gouri, head of Daesh-IS in Algeria, eliminated by the ANP. D.R.

The masterful operation that resulted in the neutralization of Abdelmalek Gouri, the Emir of Daesh-IS in Algeria, is the fruit of a long and painstaking intelligence work by the ANP (National People’s Army), the DRS (secret service), the National Gendarmerie and the National Police. The cell of coordination to fight against terrorism and bringing together the various security bodies has shown its effectiveness in carrying out the dismantling of networks of logistics of Daesh-IS in several towns in Eastern Algeria such as Constantine, Guelma, Tebessa, and others. These extremely specific interventions have enabled the elimination of the direct surroundings of the alleged leader of Daesh-IS in Algeria who wanted to settle in the strategic area of Boumerdes, former stronghold of the GSPC (Salafist Group for preaching and combat).  The rapidity of execution, either in neutralizing the terrorist group logistics…

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