Articles Tagués ‘Crisis in Syria’

– Lavrov: Alliance established by USA for striking ISIS should be done according to UN resolution
– Zarif, De Mistura: Necessity of reaching political solution to crisis in Syria
– Ain al-Arab: Residents fight against Daesh, killing 16 terrorists
– Suicide terrorists bombing in Iraq, at least 16 civilians killed other 30 injured
– Turkish opposition express discontent over verdicts by justice and development government not to hold accountable those involved in corruption


– Moscow expects De Mistura would present a new plan to launch dialogue on crisis in Syria
– Damascus countryside: Army continues advancement in Jobar, kills scores of terrorists in Eastern Ghouta
– Army foils terrorists’ attempts to attack military posts in Homs countryside
– Idleb: Members of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist organization killed
– Terrorists eliminated, their weaponry destroyed in Aleppo
– Iraq: Iraqi war planes target Daesh hideouts
– US: Senders calls for withdrawing US nationality from terrorists
– Decline in French president Hollande popularity after declaration about supporting terrorists in Syria publishing the book of his ex-partner.


– Army continues operations against terrorists across country, inflicts heavy losses upon them
– Russia: Crisis in Syria can only be settled through inter-Syrian dialogue
– Damascus: Syrian Red Crescent Organization SRCO receives medical assistance from Chinese government
– Iraq: Iraqi army liberates areas near Tikrit, killing many ISIL terrorists
– Iraqi acting prime minister calls for cooperation in fighting Daesh
– Iran: Zareef warns of the extension of the terrorism phenomenon in the region