Articles Tagués ‘Abu Anas Al-Jolani – Cameron’

– L’Armée arabe syrienne continue la traque des terroristes dans plusieurs régions
– La Banlieue d’Idleb: Convoi d’aide humanitaire vers région de Harem
– Cameron met en garde contre le danger de Daesh
– Irak: Des forces irakiennes contrôlent les régions de la ceinture de Bagdad, élimine 116 terroristes de l’EIIL
– Abbas: Les Palestiniens n’accepteront jamais la division de Jérusalem
– Liban: Ouverture de l’exposition de « Syria Motex » à Beyrouth


– 10 truck convoy of humanitarian aid to Idleb countryside
– DeirEzzour: Locals destroyed ISIS terrorists den
– Army killed and injured terrorists in several villages and towns in Homs countryside, foiling their attempt to infiltrate towards Ahrash Kafarnan.
– Iraq: Iraqi forces regain control of new areas, killing 116 terrorists among them Abu Anas Al-Jolani
– Cameron who is involved in supporting terrorism in Syria and Iraq: UK helps in repelling #Daesh
– Palestine, President Abbas: Jerusalem division is a red line
– #National Center for Outstanding people prepares to host new students
– The National Commission for Syrian Scientific Olympic started scientific exercises
– General directorate for development and protection of deserts in Palmyra continues its activities in protecting wild life