Fear is a political weapon

Many citizens are the victims of the lies of our political, economical, financial but also administrative, military, sanitary leaders. For years, whistleblowers from all backgrounds have proved that the truth scares and isolates. It is easier to destroy the lives of the ones who act in conscience, with all goodwill for the sake of the community rather than proposing long-term solutions. However, whistleblowers as defined by the French Sapin II law are not the only ones who alert about the State’s wrongdoings:  the movie Gibraltar was inspired by the Customs agent Marc Fievet’s story. In the numerous interviews given to media, he has for years explained that he had been abandoned by the French administration.

His web site details the situation he had to face: « Undercover as of 1988 on the Costa del Sol and the drug hug Gilbratar, Marc FiĂ©vet, age 43 at the time, operated during six years within the international drug dealers networks.The French Customs teamed up with him to open a restaurant in Estepona, Spain and financed a cargo for him to better infiltrate the world of drug trafficking. He was introduced by the French Customs authorities to the Spanish Customs authorities (SVA), to the British Customs authorities (HM Customs and Excise) and to the US DEA service as being the agent on duty on the Costa del Sol and the Gibraltar zones. During his activity, he contributed to have 100 tons of drugs seized and 97 drug dealers arrested. However, he was also arrested and then sentenced in 1994 in Canada for drug trafficking, without Paris coming to his rescue. Transferred to France, it is only in 2005 that he got out of prison, after ten and a half years in prison. For Marc FiĂ©vet, it is unbelievable that his employer – or his appropriate Minister – has ‘abandoned’ him in this manner and that the State continues to deny compensation. In 2005, the France 3 program PiĂšces Ă  conviction disclosed the incredible story of NS55, agent FiĂ©vet’s code name whom they met when he got out of prison. Mr. Fievet has since continued to fight for his rehabilitation« . His story being « Classified« , not a single authority wants to hear about this story anymore.



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