UK: Save the Children ‘failed’ to deal with women’s complaints

Publié: 7 mars 2018 dans Informations générales

Save the Children « failed » to adequately deal with allegations against its ex-chief executive Justin Forsyth, according to leaked documents.

A 2015 report seen by the BBC contains evidence suggesting then chairman Sir Alan Parker’s « very close » relationship with Mr Forsyth may have affected how he responded to complaints.

Three women employees accused Mr Forsyth of inappropriate behaviour, for which he said he had apologised.

Sir Alan said he had nothing to add.

According to the report, Sir Alan said he didn’t think there had been any « serious misconduct » or « predatory behaviour ».

He also rejected suggestions there should be any work done to look at the « leadership culture » at Save the Children in light of these complaints and « generalised complaints of sexual advances and bullying » by Brendan Cox, the widower of the MP Jo Cox, who was accused of sexual assault by a member of staff at the charity a couple of months later.

Mr Cox says he does not accept the allegations, but acknowledges he « made mistakes » while working for Save the Children.

Sir Alan is described as saying, « the best way to protect the organisation from reputational risk is not to let the organisational response become disproportionate ».

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