CANADA: The government gives Spy Agency New Anti-Terror Powers

Publié: 31 janvier 2015 dans Canada, Informations générales, RCMP-GRC, Services de renseignement, Terrorisme
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Jasper and Sardine

The main street leading to the Parliament buildings in Ottawa, Ontario are filled with police after multiple shootings on October 22, 2014

Ottawa (AFP) – Canada’s spy agency will be granted new powers in legislation unveiled Friday to thwart terror plots in a national security overhaul precipitated by twin jihadist attacks three months ago.

The October 20 and 22 attacks in Quebec province and in the capital Ottawa, targeting soldiers and Parliament, revealed gaps in Canadian defenses against terrorism.

In the aftermath of the terror attacks — the first ever on Canadian soil — Prime Minister Stephen Harper pledged to beef up security.

On Friday, he said new measures are needed to combat « a great evil (that) has been descending on our world, an evil which has been growing more and more powerful: violent jihadism. »

It is « one of most dangerous enemies our world has ever faced, » he said.

Citing recent attacks in Australia, Canada and France, he added that terror assaults and plots « have become more frequent and more dangerous » and…

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