Public Perception of Muslim Population in Europe

Publié: 15 janvier 2015 dans Informations générales

To Inform is to Influence

This figure was floated about today.

Actual percentage of Muslims versus Public estimate of Muslim population.

In other words, Public « Perception » of the number of Muslims in one’s country.

Heck, I’ve made estimates that London was over-run by Muslims, with the conspiracy theory stories of ‘Sharia Patrols » enforcing Sharia Law in Muslim neighborhoods.  This is bogus almost to the extreme but these news stories were all I had to base my opinion.  I was actually publicly chastised for spreading such stories on the comment section of this blog.

I just had someone in the UK call the public « fools » for believing such high percentages.

The person in the UK is highly intelligent and married to one of the premier IO experts in the British Army, therefore much better informed than the average « British Joe ».

During the conversation, some jumped in and said there was never a need to know the…

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