Publié: 25 octobre 2014 dans Gibraltar, Informations générales

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Gibraltar is a peninsula that juts off the southern end of Iberia and whose dominant feature is a 1,398-foot-high, cave-riddled chunk of limestone that overlooks the Straits of Gibraltar which separate Europe from Africa. It is a British overseas territory having been granted to Britain by the Treaty of Utrecht. I took a privately organized tour with Gibrock Tours. Our first stop was at the location of the Pillars of Hercules, marked by a large plaque (photo). Our next stop was the St. Michael’s Cave full of stalagmites and stalactites and illuminated by changing colours set to music. It was impressive even without the lighting (photos). We saw the Barbary apes (macaques) further up the hill. They are fed a vegetarian diet and contrary to their reputation are very calm and quiet so long as you don’t touch their young. One named Ralph does know how to open a van…

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