The Man European Jews Need: Abraham Foxman Leads the Fight Against Antisemitism

Publié: 13 octobre 2014 dans EUROPE, Informations générales, Réflexions, Religions, Société



There’s a gaping void where European Jewish leadership ought to be.

Anti-Semitic « incidents » continue to rise through Europe, with very limited diplomatic response. Jewish sites are vandalized, individuals who « look Jewish » are physically attacked, and increasing numbers of Jews are leaving to Israel.

The response of Jewish leaders has been inexcusable. The European Jewish Congress, a diplomatic group, has yet to even attend a single rally against anti-Semitism. Their aloof stance has shown an extreme failure to stand up for their community in a time of need.

If European Jews are to continue living in this dangerous climate, they urgently need new leadership. This isn’t a question, it’s a priority. European Jews deserve to be represented by leaders that actively support their best interests, and do not use their positions in Jewish organizations only for their own political gain.

So I’d like to ask the question that seems to me…

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