Union chief says Irish Army uniform shortage a ‘disgrace’

Publié: 2 octobre 2014 dans Informations générales

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DUBLIN – Legend has it that Celtic warriors once charged into battle naked. Things aren’t that bad in the modern Irish army, but its union chief says soldiers must wage a daily battle for uniforms.

Mark Scally says the difficulty of finding clothes that fit has become so dire that, before the state funeral of a former prime minister this year, soldiers had to scramble to borrow colleagues’ uniforms, switching labels and rank badges to assemble an honour guard. He says some soldiers wait more than a year to receive a properly tailored « No. 1 » uniform for ceremonial duties.

« It’s a disgrace, » said Scally, president of the union that represents 8,500 members of the Irish Defence Forces,unifor.

The commander, Lt. Gen. Conor O’Boyle, said Thursday he hadn’t been informed of any problem.

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