A look into the future: what will our lives look like in 2025?

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Driverless cars, speaking homes and facial recognition technology: just a few of the innovations people believe will be commonplace in 2025.

McCafee Canada just released results of a new survey asking Canadians about how they envision the future of technology.

Here’s some of the results:

Everyone will have a smart watch

A whopping 77 per cent of respondents believe the smart watch will be the dominant device in ten years, knocking the ubiquitous smart phone off its perch.

Cloud computing will be everywhere

Cloud computing will also be big according to technology consultant Jason Offet: « Things like Apple’s iCloud service or Google’s various cloud services, those are basically the glue that will put all these things together. »

Cloud computing is the remote storage of files that allows users to save, edit and view them from multiple devices.

Face, voice, fingerprint recognition

Two out of three believe they’ll have access to…

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